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November 7, 2015---Homecoming and the Class of 1965

It's Homecoming! The Arizona Wildcats are in town.

TGLA booth
My Trojan Guild of Los Angeles, TGLA, set up a booth for Homecoming. If you didn't come by this year, do so in 2016. We raise money for USC academic scholarships.
Patricia Dowling and Kate Farlow
Many TGLA members volunteered as well as some of our scholarship recipients. Here are President Patricia Dowling and Kate Farlow.
Lydia Etters and Rosalie Pechersky
Scholarship recipient Lydia Etters and Rosalie Perchersky.
Caroline Friend and Lydia Etters
Scholarship recipient Caroline Friend and Lydia Etters.
Peter Kaplanis and Missie McClure
Cashiers Peter Kaplanis and Missie McClure.
Joan Kaplanis and Rosalee Perchersky
Joan Kaplanis and Rosalee Perchersky.
Janet Eddy and Jean Ann Holbrook
Janet Eddy and Jean Ann Holbrook.
Leslie Lilly
Leslie Lilly showed one of our products---a USC puzzle.
Susan and Mike Tokmadoff
Fellow retired teacher Mike Tokmakoff and his wife Susan posed for this picture.
Dudley and Pat Poon with Philip Ribeiro
Trojan Candy finally found my sister Pat and brother-in-Law Dudley Poon. They were walking around with a friend who lives in the San Francisco area. Phillip Ribeiro used to visit us when we volunteered at Heritage Hall.
Michelle Dobrzynski
My husband Jim and I tried to win a t-shirt from the USC Credit Union Booth. In front of us was Michelle Dobrzynski. She won a shirt with an excellent throw.
Temi Fagbenle, Alexis Lloyd, Kristen Simon and Aliyah Mazyck
As we walked around Tommy Trojan, Trojan Candy saw four friends. They were current Women of Troy Basketball players---Temi Fagbenle (10/11/2015), Alexis Lloyd, Kristen Simon and Aliyah Mazyck (10/11/2015). FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!
Jim Yee and Armando Brown
On our way to my sister Pat's 1965 50th Class Reunion in front of Doheny Library, Trojan Candy saw another friend. Professional photographer Armando Brown (1/23/2009). He posed with Jim. I have known Armando since Matt Barkley was a Freshman.
Dudley and Pat Poon
We finally met Pat and Dudley inside the 50th Class Reunion area.
Rita Evans, Mary Ann Cogbill, Susan Swenson and Patricia Millus
At a nearby table were two TGLA members who were also in the Class of 1965. Rita Evans and Mary Ann Cogbill posed with sorority sisters Susan Swenson and Patricia Millus.

The food and especially the desserts were very delicious.

Pat and Dudley Poon
As we left the tailgate, I took this picture of Pat and Dudley under the commemorative class flag. Congratulations, Pat, and FIGHT ON!

Now it was time for the game.

Some famous USC athletes were honored during the game.

Amy Rodriguez
Woman of Troy Soccer Alumna Amy Rodriguez.
Amy Rodriguez
Amy Rodriguez (8/19/2012).
Mike Garrett and family
Football Alumnus Mike Garrett, who always stopped by the Heritage Hall desk when we were volunteering.
Garrett Stubbs
Baseball Alumnus Garrett Stubbs.
Dan Hubbs and Garrett Stubbs
Coach Dan Hubbs and Garrett Stubbs.
Spirit of Troy
USC Band Alumni joined the Spirit of Troy at half-time.
About the game.... Our Men of Troy beat Arizona!